what they say

100% Satisfaction

You might be reassured to know that every client who has completed our post-project satisfaction survey said that they would be willing to recommend know research to a colleague.

Here’s what some of our clients have said…

Stuart was “very personable and professional with the client team, quote from my internal client: ‘I just love working with Stuart, he understands what we want to find out and delivers in a very engaging way.'”

“Proactive and nothing was too much trouble.”

“Quick, easy to work with and met the challenge of the project”

“Adopted a flexible, can-do attitude to a tricky brief!”

“Produced clear recommendations to guide future strategy. I like the presentation style of not showing a million charts but having more of a discussion around a few charts.”

“…the results are powerful and should help us to defend our listings in store.”

“Good eye for detail, quick turn around, reliable.”

“You exceeded my expectations in that you were proactive and undertook work that was above and beyond what was expected. This shows that you are passionate about your work and it’s more than just a job.”